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Topics: Output, Statistics
A Short Introduction to SAS
Part 1

What’s SAS?
SAS language
SAS library
SAS data sets
Data step basics
Some basic SAS procedures.

What’s SAS?
Statistical software?
More than that!
SAS is a set of solutions for enterprise‐wide business users and provides a powerful fourth‐generation programming language for performing tasks such as these: data entry, retrieval, and management report writing and graphics statistical and mathematical analysis business planning, forecasting, and decision support operations research and project management quality improvement applications development

With Base SAS software as the foundation, you can integrate with SAS many
SAS business solutions that enable you to perform large scale business functions. Examples include data warehousing and data mining, human resources management and decision support, and financial management and decision support.
SAS Global Certificate Program

In class or on any PC that has installed PC SAS.

Unix SAS at UD Strauss
Anywhere with internet.

SAS Documentation
Syntax Index for SAS 9.3 and SAS Analytical
Products 12.1
SAS Procedures by Name and Product 9.3
Step‐by‐Step Programming with Base SAS
SAS(R) 9.3 Language Reference: Concepts

SAS Language
The SAS language consists of statements, expressions, options, formats, and functions similar to those of many other programming languages. In SAS, you use these elements within one of two groups of SAS statements:
DATA steps
PROC steps
You can also use global SAS statements and options outside of a DATA step or PROC step.

A Simple SAS Program
* Last Modified: 2013-01-30 by Lou
* This code is for the first class of FINC 872
* ***********************************************/
*Example 1;
SAS Comments options obs = max ls = 256 nocenter;
1. * comments; ods listing;
2. /*

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