Topics: Maize, United States, Infectious disease Pages: 1 (250 words) Published: June 13, 2014
Skeptical of the Skeptical Environmentalist (No) Lomborg reports that “we now have more food per person than we used to. “ In contrast, the food and agricultural organization of United Nations reports that food per capita has been declining since 1984, based on available cereal grains. Cereal grains make about 80 % of the world’s food. Obviously fertile cropland is a essential resource for the production of foods but Lomborg has chosen not to address this subject directly. Currently, the U.S. has available nearly 0.5 ha of prime cropland per capita, but it will not have this much land if the population continues to grow at its current rapid rate. Although U.S. farmers frequently apply significantly more nitrogen fertilizer than 120kg/ha, the extra is a waste and pollutant. The corn crop can only utilize about one-third of the nitrogen applied, while the remainder leaches either into the ground or surface waters. Contrary to Lomborg’s view, most infectious diseases are increasing world-wide. The increase is due not only to population growth but also because of increasing environmental pollution. Food-borne infections are increasing rapidly worldwide and in the United States. For example, during 2000 in the U.S. there were 76 million human food-borne infections with 5000 associated deaths. Many of these infections are associated with the increasing contamination of food and water by livestock wastes in the United States. Based on our current understanding of the real state of the world and environmental, there is need for conservation and protection of vital world resources.
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