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Assignment Introduction:
Arc207b is assessed through an individual coursework submission for the following Learning Outcomes: 1) To develop a critical understanding of the design process and concerns of a Structural Engineer. 2) To develop an understanding of different structural systems and their architectural impact. 3) To develop appropriate structural strategies with which to achieve a conceptual design. You are asked to take the 7 themes addressed in the structures lectures to critically analyse the relationship between the overall design aspirations and the structural performance/design of two designs – one SmallerScale and one LargerScale - which have been designed by either the same Engineer or the same Architect. A: Choose your projects:

Table 2, attached, assigns you a group of designs which are given in Table 1. Each group of designs is either by the same Engineer or by the same Architect. Each group of designs is separated into SmallerScale (identified in Table 1 with low case letters e.g. 1a,2b etc..) or LargerScale (identified in Table 1 with upper case letters e.g. 1A,2B etc.. and highlighted in grey). Choose one SmallerScale design and one LargerScaledesign from your assigned group of designs that aligns with your chosen theme. B: Research your projects:

Research your LargerScaleand SmallerScale design to help you develop your structural understanding of the projects. In particular look for drawings of the designs or physical descriptions that help you deduce how both designs work as ‘structures’. Remember that academic referencing is required for the use of any source material so keep notes on where you have located information or images. C: Choose your theme:

The 7 themes are:
1) What Architects need to learn about Structures
2) Intuition in Structural performance
3) Models/Scale
4) Physical Testing
5) Mass production/Standardisation
6) Bespoke/Optimisation
7) Dealing withExisting in design
It is...
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