Introduce Your Friend

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I interviewed a man who names Sho Nakazawa, who came into Mid Pacific Institute last year. I usually talk with him in the class, but I did not really know about his life before. Now, since I interviewed about him, and I knew a lot of interesting things of his life. There are three things to follow about Sho that are his profile, education, and hobby.
First, there is talking about his profile and upbringing. Sho Nakazawa is a man who borned March,23, 1993. He borned in Akita, but he probably grew up in Tokyo. He has a little sister who is already 16 years old. His education was regular. He grew up in Yotsuya kindergarden, and Yotsuya six elementary school. He took the test and luckily he passed his test and went to school names Nichidai Buzan middle school. While he was in Buzan high school, somehow he would like to go to school in United States. The most major thing that he decided to come to Hawaii was because Sara, who is in our class, is his childhood friend and she went into the school in Hawaii. Sara told Sho that she has a great time in Hawaii, and he decided to come to Hawaii. However, it was hard to come into the school in Hawaii with his regular grades, so he went to the school called Hawaiian Mission Academy. He learned English there for 2 years, and his time passed. However, Hawaiian Mission Academy was not entirely satisfactory for him to learn English, so he considered went into the school that Sara goes, which he goes right now Mid Pacific Institute.
Second, there is his major event of his life. The most of his life is spent to a horse racing. He started going to a game center to do a coin game in Japan when he was in elementary school, and he deeply interested in horse racing because of it. However, there was no way to go to see horse racing by himself because of his age, so he was keep going to do coin games and learned how it is interesting. In the weekends, it was his pleasure to go to see horse racing with his family, and it was also important

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