Introduce Change in My Organisation

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The Change has brought about improve work performance and created a good working relation within the Human Resource Development Branch. HOW TO INTRODUCE CHANGE
Purchase of a Heavy Duty Photo Copier Machine & Work stations for Teaching staff

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Department of Works (DOW) is one of the National Governments implementing agencies. Its core function is supervisory of roads and bridges construction. Its vision is to provide easy and safe access for all rural population to the urban centre’s by year 2050.

Department of Works consists of five Divisional Heads and over fifteen branch heads. I come under Human Resource Development Branch.

Human Resource Branch is made up of five

In this essay I will be talking about a change which came about in our Branch (HRD) beginning of this year 2013. The topic I’ve chosen is purchasing a quality Heavy duty color photo copier machine and work stations for all the teaching staff.

The reason why I‘ve chosen this topic is to provide better service and quality training facilities which in turn will boost staff moral and work performance within the work place whilst at the same time improve the image of the training center and create a better learning environment.

The main points that I will be talking about in this essay is the introduction of this change to the sectional heads and its staff here in Boroko campus, the type of machine and its features in performing certain tasks, performance of our three existing copier machines, convincing the Management and the teaching staff, stationing of the machine and resistance in relocating two of our Assistant Training Managers.

The thought of improving our current Human Resource Development Branch (HRDB) teaching staff facilities and the image of our training centre came about in one of our weekly section heads meetings. Every section head in this meeting enormostly agreed to replace the existing problematic copier machine and improve the teaching staff office by purchasing new work station replacing the old timber tables.

Introducing the Change with little Resistance

The proposal of purchasing a new heavy duty copier machine and workstation for all our teaching staff was our main agenda discussed in one of our section heads meeting mid of last year 2012 Everyone agreed to the proposal however we encountered resistance in the stationing of the machine as two of the Assistant Training managers will be affected. The office space of these two officers will be used in housing the copier machine.

I explained the reason to this officers that the office their occupying now is the central place for all the sections to have access to when performing their duties. It would cause inconvenience if the machine is located in another building. In addition the Assistant Training Manager for Business Studies is sitting with his teaching staff in the same office. The only difference is the design of his work station is designed in such a way that it can be differentiated easily from the teaching staff while at the same time we will be seen as being fair to all our Managers.

The two officers agreed after explaining the reasons and immediately appointed one of the officers to carryout a survey on the performance and quality of all the copier machines used in head Quarters and report back on the next meeting. In the next meeting we were all convince to purchase a Japanese made machine and its product name is Kyocera MitaTaskalfa supplier Central Business System and the supplier of the workstation is Brian bell. Brian Bell is the main supplier of all our work station since amking business three years ago and has proven to be the best.

Product Description
This machine is a Japanese made and its product name is Kyocera MitaTaskalfa KM-5550 colour multifunctional Heavy duty digital copier and scanner with network printer. The work stations are???????????????????????...
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