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Today in our modern times, people want to know easily all the happenings or news happen in our surroundings without any delay and difficulty by the use of modern technologies like cell phones, computers, etc. or modern communication like skype, yahoo, gmail, etc. And for that, we think of a system which will give information directly.

SMS Information Center is a system which can help us in updating and giving information by the use of mobile phones which are good and essential for university like TCU to know all the information, schedule of enrolment, activities or events, etc. that happened or may happen. The administration, registrar, professors, students and other staff of university and even the parents will benefit in this kind of system in updating and informing them without consuming a length of time. This system works by simply texting a keyword in a designated number then automatically the server will respond. For example you text the keyword “events”, automatically it will reply the entire event that will happen and scheduled.

With this proposal, we assure that this is very essential to use and very effective SMS Information Center.


In searching and getting information, we are finding a best and easy way to answer all our questions and desires. We are expecting that if we ask some questions, they will not ignore us but they immediately respond.

In our previous years in Taguig City University, we observe that the administration give and update information and announcements to the students or professors by using a materials like catolinas and papers for them to know and they will just post it to the walls, doors, bulletin boards, etc. that sometimes they didn’t see and notice that there are some important announcements. For instance, if some students want to know all the activities or events that will be held, they will personally go to the registrar and ask that sometimes, there’s no person who will entertain to them and it came a point that they are ignored. When the facebook and yahoo mail exist, they used it as one of the instrument to spread the information to the students. But this time, we think of a system which will make a better communication and ease the burden of each and everyone.

In our proposed system which is SMS Information Center, it will give and update information directly without any difficulty and delay by the use of mobile phones instead in communicating personally and for that, it will improve the process of communication. It is essential especially in our school so that students know what are the happenings happened and may happen. It will not only lessen and minimize the time in giving and getting information, it will not also consumes too much time in entertaining all the students who are asking different questions to them. We focus on its core competencies to create differentiated and superior SMS information center and it can be a tool for innovation of our school.


* 1.2.1 General Problem:

* Students are taking a hard time getting the correct information directly in our university. There are times that the students didn’t know where and who is the correct person to ask for. In this propose system, we will design a SMS information system for the university that will give and update information to the students directly without any hassle and delay.

* 1.2.2 Specific Problem:

* Wrong process of giving and updating of information especially to the students. * There is always a hard time in getting information. It takes a long hours and day to be entertained and get our needed information.


* 1.3.1 General Objective:
The general objective of the study is to:
* design a SMS Information System for the university to give and update information directly without any difficulty and delay by the use of mobile phones instead in...
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