Intro to Psychology Reflection

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Intro To Psychology
Reflection 5
In this week’s reflection I will reflect upon one of my friends that I was talking to. We were talking about how during hunting season neither of us set an alarm because we just wake up early like we are programed to do it and we just know when it’s time to get up. This got me thinking about if this had anything to do with your memory. It raised many questions like how does your body know what time it is, how does your body know when to wake up, and how could you possibly control this so you would never have to use an alarm?

Thinking deeper into this topic makes me want to see some sort of study conducted on it. I have no idea how anyone would go about studying this and gathering results about it. I tried it out the other night myself and from what I could tell it worked. I did set my alarm though just in case. I told myself the time that I wanted to wake up before I went to bed and then I set my alarm for 5 minutes later than what I had told myself and I went to bed. I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up the next morning and my alarm had not gone off and it still had five minutes to go before it would go off. Is it really that easy though, is that all I need to do to have this work every time?
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