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1.1 Introduction to Fast-food
Fast-food industry is a type of industry that prepares and serves food in a short period of the time at a fast-food restaurant at a low cost to customers. It regarded as “good food, served quickly, and at a reasonable price” by Hank McDonald. The implementation of the Drive-Thru system also boosted the services of fast-food industry. So, for customers who prefer not to get out from their car can now purchase their favourite food easily. Fast-food industry started in America four decades ago with hot dog and hamburger stands in California. It then began to spread to whole the country selling a variety type of foods. The current four market leaders in the fast-food industry around the world are McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Taco Bell and Wendy’s International. However, the market leaders of fast-food industry in Malaysia are KFC, followed by McDonald’s, Burger king and Mary Brown. Nowadays, fast-food is served not only in restaurants, but at drive-thru, stadiums, airports, college campuses, schools, cruise ships, trains, gas stations, and even hospitals’ canteens. It is now growing rapidly since the beginning of 21st century in many countries around the world. Therefore, most of the fast-food restaurants had grown and become household names in the world.

1.2 History of McDonald’s
Raymond Albert Kroc was the exclusive distributor of a milk shake maker called the Multimixer. Meanwhile, two brothers, Richard and Maurice McDonald owned and ran a hamburger restaurant in San Bernadino, California, in the 1950s. Ray Kroc heard how well the McDonald brothers were doing using his Multimixers to serve their customers. He met up with them and acquired the franchising right from them to run McDonald's restaurants. In 1955, Raymond Albert Kroc founded the McDonald's Corporation and opened the first restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois. In 1961, he bought over the McDonald brothers’ restaurant business. Since then, McDonald's had grown into the largest restaurant organization in the world. Today, there are more than 30,000 McDonald's restaurants serving more than 47 million customers each day in over 100 countries. However, Raymond Albert Kroc died in 1984 but his legacy is very much alive. His success story continues with McDonald's families of employees, franchisees and suppliers. His commitment, dedication and achievements continue to live on at McDonald's restaurants across the world.

In Malaysia, McDonald's was first brought by Tan Sri Vincent Tan during December 1980. Then, the first McDonald's restaurant opened outside of the Klang Valley was in Holiday Plaza at Johor Bahru on 29th October 1984. Moreover, in 7th March 1987, McEgg was first introduced in Malaysia. Furthermore, Mohamed Shah bin Tan Sri Abdul Kadir, the former Managing Director and joint venture partner of McDonald's Malaysia, joined the McDonald's family in 1988. Meanwhile in the year 1990, Ronald McDonald Children's Charities Fund of Malaysia (RMCC), McDonald's charity arm was established and McDonald’s delivery was introduced on 28th March 1994. During the following year, the first McDonald's Hot Kiosk was opened in Kota Bharu and besides that, McDonald's is the first Quick Service Restaurant to obtain Halal certification.

McDonald's opened its 100th restaurant at Sunway Pyramid shopping complex on July 1997. A year after that, McDonald's first highway restaurant, Awan Besar was opened. A new brand promise, "We're out to make you smile" was put forward in celebration of the new millennium on July 1999. The first McDonald's Cold Kiosk was opened at Megamall Kuantan on 29th April 2000. After 3 years, there was the launched of the "I'm lovin' it" campaign to revitalize the McDonald's brand. Subsequently, the annual Olympic Day Run was introduced to mark McDonald's worldwide partnership with the International Olympic Council during July 2004. There was a...
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