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Assignment #1

The two organizations we chose to compare were “Sasazu“ and “M1 lounge“. These two organizations take a big lead in the Czech Republic’s nightlife by winning the population over with their taste in music, guest appearances and great selection of drinks. The first part of this report will be dedicated to the organization referred to as Sasazu and the second part will be focused on M1. Just by going into to details with these two organizations, we plan on showing you the common interests and many differences between leading up with conclusion.

Since 2009, Sasazu has been one of the biggest places in Prague offering an advantaged nightlife, dining services, access to a parking lot, guest appearances and a very spacious dance floor.

Different marketing concepts were mentioned during numerous classes, such as Products, Services and experiences. In the case of Sasazu, it’s a service (because it offers activities for sale that are intangible) and an experience (it’s creating a deeper meaning associated with the service. If Prague’s nightlife decided to test out Sasazu and likes it afterwards, a relationship will occur between them. Sasazu will end up opening their doors more often to new clientele)

Sasazu has approached the public by inventing an environment where a person can not only have a peaceful dinner with many varieties of cuisine but can be also lead directly to a club scene without any means of transportation for a passionate night of music and drinks. This strategy is useful in the world of nightlife considering you’re a player in a win game. The client can have a nice dinner while deciding whether or not he or she should go clubbing through the adventurous nights of Sasazu’s fine music. Guest appearances attract many clienteles from different ages to come and get a glimpse of the night scene as well as many themed nights they have at this club. By promoting these nights, Sasazu has earned a reputation as one the elite nightclubs in the Prague district. Talking about security, Sasazu is almost the only club in Prague, which has safety frames at the entrance; so despite the fact that prices are higher, people pay for their own comfort and security.

Sasazu’s target group is mainly the upper class population of the Prague district considering it’s high prices and sophisticated elegance. The other target group is the students of universities here in Prague and high schools; these students come to see their favorite music artists perform on stage while getting a student discount due to the infamous ISIC card.

Positioning: by segmenting their prospective consumers, Sasazu differentiates itself from any other club in Prague whilst providing a spacious environment combining music, amazing cuisine all in one. Their services are impeccable, so it’s only normal that they will be positioned as one of the leaders in Prague. We can observe the image that Sasazu has provided just by asking any person in Prague about their impressions about the club. Sasazu also launched the Member’s Club program for its most loyal guests; one can easily register online and get the card, which gives specials prices, free entry for selected events, and preferential entrance to the club, etc.

The market philosophies we found best associated with Sasazu are: the market concept (A club/restaurant has one main objective, to make money. This can only be done by maintaining a long-term relationship with the customers by satisfying their needs, which Sasazu has done greatly) and the societal concept (Determining the needs of the target groups and satisfying them to the maximum).

M1 lounge, which was created by a popular Magician known by the name of “ Johnny Magic “, has also been at the top of the club scene known for it’s guest appearances, delicious cocktails and eventful themed nights.

Like Sasazu, the M1 lounge has the same marketing concepts: service (providing a service that is intangible) and experience...
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