Intro to Intellecutal Disability

Topics: Individualized Education Program, Special education, Education Pages: 4 (1110 words) Published: September 14, 2013
Introduction to Intellectual Disability (ID)

Introduction to Intellectual Disability (ID)
Kimberly Fox
Grand Canyon University: SPE-351
May 23, 2013

Introduction to Intellectual Disability (ID)
When learning about Intellectual Disability (ID) it is important to explore the subject with people that work with students of ID. The (SPED) special education team placed together for a student in order to determine the students individual education plan (IEP). This SPED team consist of: Special Educator: Mr. Richard Franklin, General Educator: Ms. Rama Smith (Spelling, Literature), Speech Therapist: Mrs. LuDonna Martin, Principal: Mr. John Denton, Community Organizer and Retired Teacher: Mrs. Nelda Clements and I as the Special Education Assistant and of course the students’ parents. This paper was designed to answer a few questions about ID and the concerns that these educators have in regards to the terminology of ID. The issues with ID laws and the identification process for student with ID. Their concerns with the definition and classification of students with ID as well as the impact of characteristics of ID on learning, social attitudes, and curricular needs were also discussed. For the purpose of this paper only the Special Educator and General Educator were interviewed.

The terminology of Intellectual Disability (ID) has changes over the years having been previously known as Mental Retardation. When I talked to Mr. Franklin the schools special education instructor he indicated that he did not have an issue with the terminology, he understood that a person should not be identified because of his disability, but rather the person him/herself. Ms. Rama the middle school Spelling and Literature teacher was unaware of the change in terminology until last year when we first became familiar with a student that was identified as having mild/moderate ID and has since been part of the students Special Education Development Team. Both instructors did...

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