Intro to Hospitality

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Make a reflection about the video “front desk first impression unprofessional segment”

A front desk agent handles office duties for a company or office. Front desk agents greet visitors, answer phones, schedule appointments and, in some instances, provide security. Since the front desk agent is often the first person a visitor sees, she must be professional, courteous and able to provide the necessary assistance.

But in this video you can clearly see that the man is very unprofessional in his given job of being the front desk of a hotel. He commits many mistakes first thing is he use the visitor parking space 2nd sloppy appearance 3rdand 4th improper uniform maintenance and transport and 22 more unprofessional way overall 26 mistakes. Well as far as I know in order to become a professional front disk they need to possess strong customer service skills, since much of their job entails interacting with the general public. They should be friendly and capable of processing information and accurately passing it on, such as when a visitor arrives for an appointment with a superior. Front desk agents also must be capable note-takers and have a firm grasp of how to use basic office equipment, such as computers and the phone system.

When not handling visitor inquiries, front desk agents typically are responsible for general clerical duties. They might type reports, file invoices, respond to emails, handle incoming and outgoing mail, and operate a cash register. Front desk agents work at places such as hotels, insurance and government agencies, and hospitals. For the most part, their duties change on a daily basis, depending on how many visitors enter the establishment and what particular office tasks need to be handled on a given day. That is why it's important that front desk agents be able to multitask.
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