Intro to Epidemiology Review Question Ch.10-13

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REVIEW QUESTIONS FOR CHAPTER 10 1. A case-control study is characterized by all of the following except:
a. It is relatively inexpensive compared with most other epidemiologic study designs
b. Patients with the disease (cases) are compared with persons without the disease (controls) c. Incidence rates may be computed directly d. Assessment of past exposure may be biased e. Definition of cases may be difficult

2. Residents of three villages with three different types of water supply were asked to participate in a survey to identify cholera carriers. Because several cholera deaths had occurred recently, virtually everyone present at the time underwent examination. The proportion of residents in each village who were carriers was computed and compared. What is the proper classification for this study?

a. Cross-sectional study b. Case-control study c. Concurrent cohort study d. Nonconcurrent cohort study e. Experimental study

3. Which of the following is a case-control study? a. Study of past mortality or morbidity trends to permit estimates of the occurrence of disease in the future

b. Analysis of previous research in different places and under different circumstances to permit the establishment of hypotheses based on cumulative knowledge of all known factors

c. Obtaining histories and other information from a group of known cases and from a comparison group to determine the relative frequency of a characteristic or exposure under study

d. Study of the incidence of cancer in men who have quit smoking e. Both a and c

4. In a study begun in 1965, a group of 3,000 adults in Baltimore were asked about alcohol consumption. The occurrence of cases of cancer between 1981 and 1995 was studied in this group. This is an example of:

a. A cross-sectional study b. A concurrent cohort study c. A retrospective cohort study d.

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