Intro to Embryology Questions and Answerss

Topics: Embryology, Pregnancy, Placenta Pages: 3 (476 words) Published: April 7, 2013

1. What is the condition where the umbilical cord attaches very closely to the margin of the placenta? A: Battledore Placenta

2. What is the precise source of blood in the intervillous space for the developing fetus? A: The Maternal Spiral Endometrial Arteries

3. What is a function al importance of fibrin deposits in the placenta besides its sealing effect? A: They play a materno-fetal immunological/immune role

4. Finish this sentence: Decidua basalis is the portion of the decidua where the …………attaches. A: Placenta

5. Chorionic villi form from the …….?
A: Trophoblast

6. The central core of the cytotrophoblast is covered by a layer of syncitiotrophoblast and adjoining villi which are separated by the intervillous space. What is the name of this entire structure? A: Primary Villus

7. During the third month of development, most of the placental villi disappear, but some remain at the basal plate of the chorion in the region called the ……? A: Chorion Frondosum

8. How many times per minute is blood in the intervillous space exchanged between the fetus and mother? A: 3-4 Times/min

9. What is the term used to describe the decrease in the amount of amniotic fluid in the mother? A: Oligohydramnios

10. What are the receptors on the uterine epithelium that aid in implantation due to the mutual interaction between the trophoblastic cells and the endometrium? A: L-Selectin and Integrins

11. When are the primary villi formed?
A: By Day 13

12. What hormones are produced by the placenta?
A: Progesterone, Estrogen, Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HcG) and Human Chorionic Somatotrophin (HcS)

13. What is the name of the drug that is terratogenic to the newborn, causing phocomelia? A: Thalidomide

14. Where is epithelium derived from?
A: All three germ layers, i.e. Ectoderm, Mesoderm and Endoderm

15. Which germ layer forms the urogenital tract?
A: Mesoderm and...
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