Intro Reluctant Fundamentalst

Topics: Mohsin Hamid, Character, Protagonist Pages: 2 (579 words) Published: August 11, 2013
The Reluctant Fundamentalist
Sample Introductions:
1.The Reluctant Fundamentalist shows us that people are connected just as much by fear and anger as they are by love. To what extent is this true? In the novel, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, Mohsin Hamid, suggests that a world where fear and suspicion dominate the landscape is an unhealthy one. The main characters have mutual doubts and a lack of trust despite the warmth that exists between them. This disconnection is partly fuellled by fear that comes from a world, where the pursuit of political differences and economic fundamentalism, has driven races apart. Anger also emanates from a world where people and places are dominated by bigger or stronger or richer countries and so resentments are born. Hamid’s use of dramatic monologue intensifies the sense of alarm and suspicion between the ‘anatagonists’ yet perhaps the author is suggesting, that this climate of fear is not justified.

2.‘You are a watchful guy. You know where it comes from?... It comes from feeling out of place…’ Changez is not the only outsider in The Reluctant Fundamentalist-every character is an outsider. Do you agree? Mohsin Hamid’s novel  The Reluctant Fundamentalist suggests that the world people exist in is alienating for a variety of reasons. People are disconnected by fear and anger, by loneliness and sadness, by religion and politics. And by external and internal issues. The consequence is a world where a sense of home can be hard to find. Thus people often assume the role of the outsider. In Hamid’s novel, Changez, whilst being a ‘lover ‘of America becomes increasingly outside it after 9/11. His colleagues at Underwood Samson can also be seen to be on the fringes because of economic or racial grounds. Even the epitome of American success, Erica, struggles to find a home in a world of grief.

3.The Reluctant Fundamentalist shows us that understanding our identity is more fundamental than money, power or love. Discuss. Changez, the...
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