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Introductory-Overview Study Questions

1. List several advantages of a knowledge of the differing religious viewpoints of the world. When one has a well-rounded insight regarding the perspectives of many religions, there are numerous advantages or perks that also follow. One of the crucial factors in acknowledging religions allow us to become fully aware what is going on around us when it comes to Politics. According to the Hopfe and Woodward’s text on page 2, it is stated that religious differences also come into play when dealing with Politics. For example, controversial topics such as abortion or gender relations can bring groups to disagree. By this, we can realize how varying beliefs impacts the world of Politics. Another advantage of knowing different viewpoints is that in contemporary society, it pushes us out of our norms and helps us to get acquainted with religions we are unfamiliar with. The introduction and overview also describes an instance where a couple invited guests over for dinner on a Friday. Unfortunately they were incognizant that the list of guests which included Jews, Muslims and Roman Catholics had dietary restrictions. This couple did not realize that Muslims and Jews are abstained from eating pork whereas Roman Catholics do not eat meat on Fridays. Being informed, we can be more considerate of others’ beliefs and values. Lastly, in order to understand certain types of literature, one must be knowledgeable about many viewpoints. A writer such as Philip Roth may not be fully understood unless you have a basic understanding of Judaism. One must have a good foundation of knowledge to comprehend religious scriptures or novels and such. 2. Define Religion.

It seems that definition of religion can vary among people. As stated in the Hope and Woodward textbook, “western cultures tend to perceive religion as a set of beliefs having to do with the gods.” However, Jainism has to do with “delivering oneself out...
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