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By hannayusoff Mar 01, 2015 327 Words
The book “ A Quid Of Sirih, A Bowl Of Water ” tells a story about a son, Farid who is studying to be a doctor. His father, Pak Seman is a pawang in his village and he have 3 younger siblings. He is home for the holidays after completing his first year at the university. He have been craving for roasted chicken ever since he got back. The story starts with his conversation with his mom about chickens. He told his mom that he couldn’t get any chicken since their village have just got over an epidemic. During his stay at his house, Farid fought with his father about his father’s work as the village pawang. This is because he was embarrassed about the fact that his father is a pawang when he is to be a doctor in the future. He then fought with his younger brother, Zainal because Zainal was defending Pak Seman working as a pawang and he stated that there is nothing to be ashamed of. Farid then decided to return to his university one week earlier, however, he have no money for his fare. On that day, Pak Dali the village chief came to their house to deliver pulut to celebrate his son being accepted by the army. He then thanked Pak Seman for blessing his water then he leaves. Pak Seman asked Farid to eat the pulut which have roasted chicken sitting snugly on it with his siblings. Farid put aside his shame to eat the pulut since the offer was too tempting. Zainal stated that Pak Seman’s mumbo jumbo was the one that conjured up the pulut. Later, when Farid was leaving, Pak Seman gave him RM 20 for his fare. Pak Seman then said that his mumbo jumbo was the one that conjured the money that he have.

The lifestyle of a pawang.
The relationship between father and son.
A son who is embarrassed by his father’s occupation.

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