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Intro IA Psychology

The cognitive level of analysis researchers how the human mind works and its processes. Atkinson and Shiffrin suggested the multi store model (1971) which suggests that memory consists of different number of separate storages. Inside this memory models there are different ways of memory, long term, short term, and a sensory memory. George Miller (1956) found that short-term memory (STM) has limited capacity; we can only hold about 5 to 7 units of information. Memory can be hold by chunks of information, which are lager units. A single chin can be made up of numbers, letters, words, phrases or familiar sentences. Instead in long-term memory (LTM) there is no limited capacity, it contains all our knowledge. Elizabeth and Greoffery Loftus (1980) said that there is little evidence to say that LTM is permanent, yet it is long lasting. To see the Duration of STM, Peterson and Peterson (1959) suggested that if the rehearsal of items is prevented it will not enter the LTM. The aim was to test how long STM lasts when rehearsal is prevented. In conclusion the researcher found that if rehearsal is prevented, the information vanishes rapidly from STM. There has been research that supports and that is against the theory of the multi store model. Evidence that supports, would be Shallice and Warrington (1970) with a case study of K.F who suffered an accident. The STM impaired but the LTM intact. Evidence against the this theory will be given by De Groot in (1966) showed how experts chess players had really good STM for the chess position as long as they fitted in with the rules. When the pieces where randomly arranged their recall was no better than non chess player, so STM and LTM should not be separated and distinct. Memory, depends if it is rehearsed or not, yet LTM will not be affected if there is any case of accident. -------------------------------------------------
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