INTRO Animal experimentation is of two types, cosmetic and medical

Topics: Animal testing, Medical research, Human Pages: 3 (863 words) Published: May 11, 2013
AG We all think that animals are cute and adorable. A lot of us have pets and we love them so much. If one day our pet gets sick and dies, it breaks our heart and we feel like we lost a member from our family. But do you really think that the life of an animal is more valuable than the life of a human being? I would rather experiment drugs and treatment methods on an animal than lose my beloved parent, sister, brother or friend. INTRO Animal experimentation is of two types, cosmetic and medical. I am totally against the first type which is experimenting animals for make-up and cosmetic products but I fully support the medical type one. Today audience, I am here to persuade you that medical animal experimentation is good and that it results in so many benefits. There are two reasons for that. First, it helps researchers find good drugs and treatments for different diseases. And second, because there is no better alternative to animal experimentation. I believe that you all must listen to this speech because we are all human beings, and we all get sick, and most of the medicines that we use were produced using animal experimentation, so obviously this topic concerns all of us. Now that you know what I’ll be persuading you about, let’s move to my first point which is that animal experimentation helps researchers find drugs and treatments for various diseases. BODY

1ST PONT Discovery of insulin, cancer cure, and HIV drugs were a result of animal research. Also, treatment methods such as organ transplants and brain operations would not be here today if it wasn’t for animal experimentation. I know that a lot of you, perhaps most of you oppose the act of animal experimentation. Many of you think it’s inhumane to kill animals for our own good. But if you really give it a serious thought you will realize that it is this practice that helped us eliminate a huge number of diseases. According to the American Heart Association, the decline in...
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