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Effective communication means exchanging of information and understanding the meaning of the message being relayed. People use speech and gestures in order to converse to other people. It becomes helpful if both people are using the same media or language in communicating. Normal people communicate by talking while mute, deaf, and dumb people use sign language and gestures. Gestures are a nonverbal form of language that uses hand movements with specific shapes made out of them. The development of the most accepted devices for hand movement acquisition, glove-based systems, started about 30 years ago and continues to keep an increasing number of researchers. Innovations of technologies are not just limited on data gloves, other researchers also used mobile applications and computer softwares to communicate to the dumb/deaf community. In this system, microcontroller and sensors plays a major role in converting the hand gestures in to speech. This aids to lessen the communication gap between deaf, dumb and normal person. In this system data gloves, tilt detection, gesture detection, speech synthesis and LCD display are used. The aim of this project is specifically to help the dumb people communicate to normal people. Since dumb people can hear, they can easily understand the normal people and in return normal people can easily understand the dumb people through this device. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY

Dumb and deaf people communicate through sign languages and hand gestures, but not a lot of normal people can understand it. According to the World Federation of the Deaf, There are about 70 million deaf people who use sign language as their first language or mother tongue. This data shows that we are surrounded with a lot of deaf/dumb people. According to Ethnologue , an encyclopedia that catalogues what it calls the world's 6909 living languages, lists 130 sign languages used by Deaf communities.

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