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As many eyes looked the photo, things I could see around where many tall buildings color light blue, the sky was really dark as I seem it was night time, there was a clock in one of the buildings. It's an exotic photo as many of the things that where in the photo many of the things where really cultural. As it is incredible how many people are there. All the advertising's are lovely and rally pretty, many about sports and movies and also about things they want to promote. They are really elegant buildings as they are different to others. People are gracefully walking to many places, there is a US flag high up.

There is a shiny colored red and yellow restaurant called McDonald, there is an attractive bank color orange and blue named Bank of America where on top of it is a really big attractive poster of the movie Toy Story 2 and also a poster of sportsmanship. Where at the side of McDonald's there are some advertising's about a really good movie Mamma Mia and a poster of Maxell that it doesn't shine much. At the side of McDonald's there is another restaurant Friday's where in front there are many cars passing by, there are more yellow taxis passing.

In the middle building there are many shiny advertisers about cars as Toshiba, Chevrolet, and more. In the building of the right hand side there is a really cool big poster of the UFC, at the delicate middle building down there is a really huge company named Yahoo is an internet company. This city is full of people and many of the restaurants are full of people as there are no more place, there is many congestion.
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