Intranet and Extranet

Topics: Robert Bosch GmbH, Robert Bosch, Stuttgart Pages: 11 (3442 words) Published: November 28, 2011

Executive summary4


2.The impact of intranet on flows of information around a business and the role of the manager /Benefits6
2.1.Impact on intranet on use of information and managers6
2.2.Bosch Global Net – a successful intranet system in a multinational company7
2.2.1.Company overview and the need of intranet7
2.2.2.Bosch Global Net (BGN) intranet platform8
2.2.3.The impact of BGN on the use of information and on the role of the manager………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..9

3.The impact of extranet on flows of information around a business and the role of the manager /Benefits10
3.1.Extranet and its impact in SCM10

4.Implications of adoption for strategy10
4.1.Intranet and Bosch Group’s strategy11
4.2.Extranet and Tetra Pak’s strategy in Supply Chain Management12



Executive summary
The purpose with this report is to gain better understanding on the use of intranets and extranets and their implication for the business strategy of the organization and its performance. In the first part, this paper deals with the impact of intranet on the use of information within an organization. A big international company is investigated: Bosch Group. Its intranet system is called “Bosch Global Net” and it provides direct access to the information and applications and all virtual work spaces. It also gives evidences on the impact of the intranet platform over the manager’s role and the process of decision-making. Generally, intranet is examined as a tool of information management. This paper study extranet’s impact on managers and information within an organization. The idea of extranet for companies is actually to ensure better relationships between customers, trading partners and employees. The importance of extranet in management information is explained with the example of Tetra Pak and the application of extranet in the supply chain management. The two cases of real companies are given in the paper to illustrate both the influence of intranets and extranets over the company strategy and the development of the IT strategy itself.

1. Introduction
The growth and development of information and communication technologies (ICTs) has led to their wide diffusion and application, thus increasing their economic and social impact (Wikieducato, 2010). Modern technological progress have developed IT in organizations to help manage and collect information flows. Furthermore, in the sphere of globalization, an important concern is the correspondence between information infrastructure and organizational structure. The implementation and development of intranet in multinational organizations have a significant contribution for optimising internal communication and information exchange. Intranets can be defined as private network, similar to Internet, but smaller. It contains databases and information about the organization that is accessible only to authorize personal. It uses hypertext, TCP/IT, and other internet protocols and as a whole looks like a private version of the Internet (Searchwindevelopment, 2010). Intranets represent company private networks which work on the same standards of the internet: include web pages, exchange e-mails, and read company announcements (Muller, 2002). Generally, the main purpose of intranets is to share corporate information and estimate resources among employees Extranets could be explained as a bridge between the public Internet and the private business Intranet where most of business activity occurs. “Extranet is a slice of an Intranet that provide a public window into company services or collected data” (Loshin, 1997). The main idea of extranet is to ensure better communication between customers, trading partners and employees. Intranets and extranets contribute to better collaboration between the organization and its associates – customers,...

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