Intra Organization and Power Bargaining Model

Topics: Negotiation, Bargaining, Collective bargaining Pages: 3 (925 words) Published: May 4, 2012
Intra organization is a key factor to the beginning stages of how successful a bargaining unit will be in negotiations. Intra organization is when each respective in a particular bargaining unit works towards a consensus. The inability to agree within ones bargaining unit slows down the process and can create dysfunction. Negotiating starts within each bargaining unit during pre-bargaining preparation. This is where discussion and negotiations begin within each bargaining unit to decide what is most important to least importance. Once the pre-bargaining preparation process is complete, the bargaining unit is ready to negotiate against the other bargaining unit. There were many forces that impacted our Intra-organizational bargaining. First we all had our individual perception on what was most important and what was least important. This had a lot to do with our personalities, attitudes, values and beliefs. For example, depending on our personalities, those who were shy didn’t get to fully express how they felt about their issue. On the other hand those in the bargaining unit who were out spoken would make it a point to not let up and fight for their concerns. Our bargaining unit had a variety of issues we wanted to push to get into the contract. We had to decide what we considered a must haves and what can be used as a bargaining chips. Discussions continued until we all had a good idea where our stance was as a bargaining unit with each issue. The end result of our intra-organization bargaining was difficult but successful. We were able to agree on what issues were most and least important to our bargaining members. We had a few bargaining representatives who were concerned with subcontracting and their job security. Then we have other members who felt subcontracting was irrelevant but having a flexible schedule was above all else. My concern was to allow management to keep their managing power in order to continue to be...
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