Intra-Firm Comparison of Sustainability Report – Optus

Topics: Mobile phone, Better, Initiative Pages: 2 (719 words) Published: May 7, 2012
Intra-Firm Comparison of Sustainability Report – Optus
1. Identification and Description of Three Initiatives in Year 2009 and Year 2010 Ⅰ.Energy Efficiency: Optus have set up an Energy Efficiency Team to manage the investigation and implementation of energy efficiency opportunity. Decreasing electricity use is an example to show energy efficiency opportunity. ●2009: This year Optus consumed about 296,297 MWH of electricity and experienced a 5% decline compared with last year. ●2010: This year the company consumed approximately 292,468 MWH of electricity and witnessed a 1.3% decrease compared with the previous year’s performance. It is the result of improved electricity data capture associated with the network expansion. Ⅱ.Paper Conserving: Online billing encourages customers to go online to receive and pay their bills, which leads to paper saving. In the meantime, this initiative contains a bill remainder to send an email or a SMS to a customer when the latest bill is available online. For the customers cannot go online, Optus have introduced a Paper Invoice Fee, which uses eco-friendly paper and envelopes. ●2009: Optus introduced the initiative to customers in July 2009. Currently just under 20% of all eligible bills are online. Optus tailored the target of achieving 40% in the end of 2010. ●2010: Although the company did not realize the target tailored in 2009, every month there is a reduction of 3.2 million pieces of paper, which also importantly decreases the resources that are required in processing and transport. Ⅲ.Recycling-MobileMuster: Optus serves as a distribution channel for mobile phone handsets. Therefore they have the responsibility to ensure that these items do not end up in landfill. What is meant by this is that Optus recycles the old mobiles and stops customers from storing or disposing them. ●2009: This year over 50 tonnes...
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