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Into Thin Air Questions
Pages 7-27
1. Why didn’t Krakauer climb down the fixed rope?
People were already climbing up the rope, he couldn’t descend. 2.Why did Krakauer run out of oxygen so fast?
Harris had accidentally fully opened his oxygen tank valve, which drained his oxygen tank. 3. What discovered the highest mountain in the world?
A Bengali computer named Radhanath Sikhdar.
4. Who was the first person to reach the top of Everest?
Hillary and Tenzing were the first climbers ever to reach the top of Everest. 5. Who made Krakauer’s trip to the Everest possible?
Outside magazine paid the fee for him and made his trip possible. Pages 31-51
6. Who greeted Jon at the airport?
Andy Harris, one of Hall’s guides.
7.Who was Hall’s partner for his hiking adventures?
Gary Ball was his closest partner.
8. What business did Hall and Ball create?
They created business in which they helped people climb mountains. 9. How did Gary Ball die?
His brain got swollen from going into such high altitudes.

10. Who was the expedition's third guide?
Mike Groom, a thirty three year old Australian.
Pages 51-71
11. Who is Hall’s wife?
His wife is Jan Arnold and they met as Hall was going through Pheriche, they climbed mountains together.
12. Why did the group have to stay in Lobuje longer than usual? They had to stay in that gross place longer because Tenzing, one of the worker, had fallen and had become injured.
13. Who was Kami Rita and what happened to him?
He was a working sherpa that had been very incautious and had fallen 2,000 feet and had died. 14. What happened to Andy?
He had gotten food poisoning and had gotten extremely bad nausea and diarrhea. 15. Who is Scott Fischer?
Fischer is the owner of Mountain Madness, another business that takes people climbing. Fischer and Hall competed each other to get Krakauer on their expedition but Hall ended up winning because he offered a better deal to Outside magazine.

Pages 71-91
16. What kinds of sicknesses did Krakauer start getting?
The lack of oxygen caused his digestive system to fail, he could barely eat anything. His body started to consume itself, he started growing very thin.
17. What are crampons and how did Stuart’s crampons finally become useful?

Crampons are steel spikes that are attached to the boots to make climbing on ice safer. Rob found a way to put together a special strap that made Stuart’s crampons work. 18. What is the Khumbu Icefall?

A precipitous drop at the glacier, it was a very demanding section that the climbers had to be very careful on. This route also contained seracs.
19. What was put on the icefall to secure safety?
The sherpas had put a safety rope that attached to the climbers. In addition the climbers were tied together on a rope.
20. What happened when Jon returned to base camp?
He got a severe headache and nausea, the altitude change had a terrible effect on him. Pages 91-111
21. Who was Denman? Who was Tenzing?
Earl Denman was a Canadian engineer who wanted to climb Everest even though he has little climbing skills. He hired Tenzing Norgay and Ang Dawa to guide him up the mountain. Tenzing knew they didn’t have the right resources to climb but he did it anyways and failed. 22. Who was Maurice Wilson?

A melancholic Englishman who tried to climb Everest with little experience for publicity. He tried flying there on a plane but failed, he also failed by going on foot and died. 23. Who was Pete Shoening?

A Himalayan legend who had saved five climber’s lives by keeping them from falling by holding them on a rope.
24. What was different about Jon the second time he climbed to camp one?

His breathing got better, it wasn’t so difficult for him to breath but his fear of the seracs still remained.
25. What did Jon find around Camp Two?
He found two dead bodies that had been there for years.
Pages 111-131
26. Who is Ngawang and what happened to him?
He was sherpa who developed a high altitude illness called HAPE. 27....
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