Into the World

Topics: World, Death, Earth Pages: 3 (1295 words) Published: August 16, 2013
Into the World involves transition and change. Discuss noting the composer’s representation of these ideas. Refer to your prescribed text and one related text.

‘Into the World’ involves a wide range of ideas, although it can be defined as one single word, ‘transition’ meaning the movement of a character from one phase of their life into a broader environment. The idea of ‘Into the World’ is well represented in Willy Russell’s drama text, “Educating Rita” where the protagonist Rita enters a new world of education. On her journey Rita begins to gain an understanding of the world around her with the help of her tutor Frank. Similar concepts of ‘Into the World’ can be seen in Rob Reiner’s film ‘Stand by Me’. In this film the director is able to represent ideas relating to into the world through the use of many film techniques.

The theme of ‘Into the World’ is clearly shown in the early scenes of ‘Educating Rita’. Rita is first introduced as an outspoken and uneducated character, who is trapped by her working class life and doesn’t belong. She decides to go to university as a release from her unhappy life. Rita believes that having an education will provide her with a better world, where she can find herself and make her own choices, “I wanna find myself first, discover myself.” Rita looks up to her tutor Frank believing he has the perfect life, although he thinks differently, he views his job and life as a prison, so he turns to drinking alcohol, “Four pints of weak Guiness and I can be as witty as Wilde”. Through the use of dialogue Willy Russel clearly represents the different worlds of each character. Franks language is formal and serious where as Rita’s language is almost completely opposite she uses swear words and forthright questions to get her views across, “So y’ just switch over or switch off an ‘say, “that’s fuckin’ rubbish””. Her constant questioning reveals that she is having trouble comprehending the new world she is entering, although it is...
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