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Moving into the world is a notion which encompasses transition and change. The concept explores how both choices and consequences can alter an individual both physically and emotionally. Billy Elliot, a film directed by Stephen Daldry (2000), is a film with a powerful message about venturing into a new world. It explores the themes of maturity and growth as well as gender conflicts. The choices and consequences endured by the characters of the film are used to highlight the positive and negative factors of escaping an old world and entering a new one. The article ‘Just a girl into the world’ written by Paul Chai (2012) similarly challenges the ideas and expectations of society and through the choices and consequences made by (insert name) which portrays the struggles and experiences faced by an individual during this transition phase.

The film Billy Elliot is set in the 1980’s, during a time of great conflict between the government and the mining industry of England. The film explores the notion of moving into the world through an exploration of gender roles and choices. The character Billy is put in a position whereby he must choose between following in his fathers footsteps and becoming a miner, or following his passion for dance.

Stephen Daldry frequently uses inter-cutting/parallel editing to link the dual story lines of dance and union revolt. – be specific- they will mark you down for this!! Say for example the film opens with etc. and uses it again at this scene and which ever other scene.Shots of police and background sounds of police sirens reinforces the political and economic context and the impact it has on mining families. In the scene where Billy and Debbie walk home, the responder can hear her casually dragging a stick against the wall which is suddenly replaces by another wall but this time it is made up of riot police Perspex shields. This is a confronting visual image that shows that the police presence has become so much a part of community that she doesn’t even notice them, or even break her stride. Although they form a threatening presence, Debbie is not bothered because she is so used to it. This reinforces to the viewer the signifigance of the political context of the film. (explain here what the signifigance of this is to into the world here. The Location of the ballet class joining the boxing ring is directly due to the mining strike because the ballet section of the hall is currently being used as a soup kitchen for the striking miners. This symbolizes the ongoing effect of the miners strike throughout the film. ? link again to into the new world. That is the focus of your work remember!!

Billy Elliot is a young, sensitive boy who at the beginning of the film lacks sense of identity. He sees the lives of his older brother, Tony and his father, Jackie as one that Is hard which makes them angry and unhappy. Billy sees ballet as an opening into a new life where the possibilities of having a better life are much greater than the ones he is available to in Durham. This is shown through the choices that billy makes, whereby he chooses to start skipping his boxing lessons to do ballet. In a narrow-minded community like Durham, The social expectations within the community are that “boys do boxing and girls do ballet”, not only by the community but from his family aswell. Jackie handed down his fathers boxing gloves to Billy to use, this not only is an expectation that Billy does boxing but also adds pressure that he lives up to the family name. It doesn’t take long for Billy to realize that he is terrible at boxing and he starts becoming distracted by the gentle ballet at the end of the hall. The scene where Billy first joins a ballet class is significant because of the contrast in shoes. The camera pans along the feet of each ballet dancer with the pink petite shoes and then to Billy’s big blue boxing shoes. The shows that there are no other boys in the town who do ballet because it is seen...
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