Into the World

Topics: World, New World, Earth Pages: 4 (1278 words) Published: July 26, 2013
Transitioning between worlds can be difficult as we are challenged by a changing understanding of who we are and where we belong. Discuss this quote with reference to two prescribed poems and at least ONE related text of your own choosing Individuals transitioning between worlds may experience difficulties as they are challenged by a developing understanding of who they are and where they belong. The ability to transition is dependent on the individual’s openness to new experiences offered by the new world, and through this openness a person’s identity, world view and sense of belonging, evolves. Certainly, if individuals are reluctant to change because they want to preserve the old world, their developing sense of self and belonging may be hindered. This is examined in the poems, “The One Who Goes Away” by Sujata Bhatt and “The Survivor” by Tadeusz Rozewicz. In addition, the film “Pleasantville,” directed by Gary Ross, similarly explores the idea that movement to the ‘new world’ creates a disconnection for the persona/character from their transition, as they reflect on how experiences have shaped their identity and view of the world. As individuals transition between worlds they are presented with obstacles and challenges that may lead to a developing sense of self and belonging. These challenges can result from having to start again in a new country that is not one’s homeland, creating a disconnection between the old and new world. This is revealed in Bhatt’s poem, “The One Who Goes Away” where the persona struggles with holding onto her culture as she develops a sense of belonging in new worlds. The persona represents this struggle as a result of her feeling a sense of isolation as she states, “Look at the in-between darkness.” The authorative tone of the repeated imperative of “Look” conveys the poet’s self-command to express the relationship between change and constancy. This is reinforced with the compound adjective of “in-between,” communicating the...
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