Into the Wild essay

Topics: Jon Krakauer, Into the Wild, Christopher McCandless Pages: 4 (882 words) Published: November 21, 2014
Brandon Waldrep
Period 2
AP Lang & Comp
“Into the Wild” Essay Prompt #1
The presentation of Chris J. Mccandless story is influenced by the authors supposed relation to Chris, empathy for Chris, and emphasis of Chris’s intellectual/charismatic encounters with the people he meets. Krakauer portrays his views of Mccandless through these personalized presentations of Chris’s life or his own in the book. Krakauer uses, overall, empathy and emphasis of Chris’s good deeds and attributes in the presentation of his story to portray his views of Chris. Krakauer emphasizes opinions of people who encountered Chris throughout the book that tell about Chris’s good attributes. Westerberg, whom Chris worked with on a farm before going to Alaska, says “You could tell right away that Alex was intelligent” (Krakauer 18) and Franz, an old man that gets close with Chris, says “God, he was a smart kid” (Krakauer 52). These examples in the book of the author highlighting these opinions make you start to think it’s the authors. Especially since these opinions are from several different people, but all seem to focus on the opinion that Chris had intellectual ability. The book constantly reminds you of the author’s opinion of Chris throughout the characters in the book including Franz, Westerberg, Borah, Burres and Stuckey. All of Chris’s encounters with these people are drawn out, taking many pages of the book like chapter six that talks about almost nothing but Chris’s relation with Franz. The chapter starts off with a letter from Franz requesting a magazine highlighting Chris’s death which sparks empathy at the beginning just like the beginning of the book from chapter two talking about Chris’s death of starvation mentioning that no fat remained on Chris’s body and his desperate S.O.S. flag. The empathy and details that surround Chris death in the book do not share pity, but a respect or awe of his life portraying the author thinks the situation is more complex and...

Bibliography: Berman, Erin. “Into The Wild-By Jon Krakauer Book Review”.
“Wild Thing”. /Jan.2012.Web.20Sept.2014.
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