Into the wild character comparison

Topics: Christopher McCandless, Alaska, Into the Wild Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: August 13, 2014
Into the wild character comparison essay

Into the wild is a story about a man named Christopher McCandless. In this story we learn that he gives up almost everything he owns to take a dangerous journey and live off the land. Along the way we learn about a man named Gene Rosellini who has a similar but different story to Christopher's. Although these two men have a lot in common, they also have many differences.

Christopher McCandless was a very intelligent guy. He graduated from Emory University with honors and was an excellent athlete. Many people saw Christopher as one of them students that would most likely succeed in life. Ditching the idea of going to law school, he decided to take a journey throughout Alaska and some other places. He burned most of his money and only had a ten pound bag of rice for food, and a rifle for whatever he caught on the way.

Gene Rosellini was almost just like Christopher. He also excelled in academics, carrying a grade point average of 4.0 throughout highschool and college. He did not receive a degree though because he didn't see a point in it, and only studied for the sake of learning. After college he decided to do an anthropological experiment. Gene believed that he could live off the grid just as Christopher did. He saw that people could do without modern day technology and live life like it was in the Older days. Unlike Christopher, Gene carried enough supplies to last him months or even longer. He also was dressed more properly for the harsh weather.

When Christopher set off for his journey, he didn't tell anyone where he would be going. He simply left everything behind him like it was nothing. Getting lucky, Christopher found people to stay with and work under the table for. These jobs were only temporary for him as he would go from place to place often. Since he didn't bring a lot of food or supplies, it made it really hard on him to manage. Because he chose to not be more prepared like Gene, Christopher...
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