Into the Jungle Essay

Topics: Evolution, Coelacanth, DNA Pages: 2 (1003 words) Published: November 1, 2014

Bio 102 B
Into the Jungle
Ch.7 Miss Latimer’s Discovery
In the Chapter 7 of Into the Jungle by Sean B. Carroll, the author explored the discovery of a fish thought to have been extinct for millions of years, which was discovered by pure happenstance. Miss Marjorie Courtenay-Latimer discovered a “living fossil”, the sea - coelacanth fish, which was from a species hundreds of millions of years old. The fish was discovered based on instinct and feeling of Miss. Latimer, and it was interesting how such an important discovery could come from just an inclination. The discovery of the sea-coelacanth fish led to decades of searching for more information about these fascinating fish. The passion and devotion of the individuals involved in the identification and discovery of this fish was very captivating and finding out how beneficial the discovery was to the understanding of evolution was very remarkable. The identification of the coelacanth fish was an intriguing part of the chapter. After finding the unexpected peculiar looking fish while on her reluctant walk around the fishing dock to tell the crew Merry Christmas, Miss Latimer had no idea she would soon be making a major discovery. Miss. Latimer however came across a fish which made her pause; she found that there was something very different about the particular fish. Marjorie worked excavating dinosaurs for a local museum which helped her to know that the fish she found had some very distinguishing characteristics. After sending a letter to Dr. J.L.B Smith to discover if he had interest in her discovery, she sent a sketch of the fish, along with the fish scales to Dr. J.L.B. Smith to identify the fish. The fish had four, limb-like fins, hard scales and a puppy dog tale. The limb-like fins was the most interesting part of the fish because of their similarity to four legged vertebrae which included humans. After finding these observations Dr. Smith immediately knew this was a sea-coelacanth fish...
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