Into the Fray

Topics: Han Chinese, China, People's Republic of China Pages: 3 (1058 words) Published: November 9, 2008
The issue in this case study describes how the American politics are being controlled by higher people. It does not necessarily have to be in the political field, but actions taken are based on the political minds. In this case Michael has an expectation to be the next in line of the retired president, Lucien Beaumont because he believes he had the most qualification and probably the one who knows best about the position.

In American world, people do what they have to do to get to where they have to in other to succeed in the business world, and based on the information given about Michael’s situation, none of his colleague demonstrated legitimate political behavior and that is because everyone wants the position he his fighting for and they all did what they felt they have to do to get to their desired position. An example that was giving in the text was “he notices Danielle Harcourt--the global category director for vodka and liqueurs and Michael's chief competitor for Lucien's job-networking with some of the Paris executives at a launch party for one of Michael's brands. She has also reached out to at least one of his direct reports.” It was also mentioned in the same text that before he could confront Danielle that he his also interested in the positioned, he got a call from CEO Pierre Hoffman and that was when the proposition was laid to him about the work offer in China.

If I was to advice Michael, I would advice him to go ahead and take the China job offer in the sense he can start afresh and he can work his way up and provide to people over there that whatever position he his interested in, he deserves it because he has proved himself to be worth it. Another reason I would advice him to take the job is because of diversity. He would be able to learn the Chinese history, things the Chinese people seek in business people and things they expect of business men and women in China. He also would have taken the time to learn how to speak their language so...
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