Intimate Relationships

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Intimate relationship, Conflict Pages: 18 (7073 words) Published: November 18, 2012
Issues, theories and research
Brianna Griffin

Table Of Contents:

1- Strangers, Friends and Lovers: Why is life so complicated?

-Picture…..Page 4
-Websites…Page 4-5
-Article……Page 5-6
-Reasoning behind chapter choice….Page 6-7
2 - Self-Presentation and Self-Disclosure
-Picture….Page 7
-Websites….Page 8
-Article…. Page 8-9
-Reasoning behind chapter choice….Page 9-10
3- Communication and Relationship Management
-Picture….Page 11
-Websites….Page 11
-Article….Page 12
-Reasoning behind chapter choice….Page 12-13
4- Conflict
-Picture….Page 14
-Websites….Page 14-15
-Article….Page 15
-Reasoning behind chapter choice….Page 15-17
5- Dissolution and its Aftermath
-Picture….Page 17
-Websites….Page 17-18
-Article….Page 18
-Reasoning behind chapter choice….Page 18-20
Reflection Paper
-Paper….Page 20-30
-References….Page 31

Strangers, Friends and Lovers: Why is life so complicated?

The following two links contain websites relating to this chapter

The First website gives a list of different aspects and points about them. In this first website the need for affiliation and the need for intimacy are described. The website also has a lot of useful information on other aspects of intimate relationships that are interesting as well. The second website listed has information on the need for belong which is the other key point in this chapter. This website is all about psychology and has numerous aspects that you are able to look up and read about. This section is all about the need to belong. It defines it and gives a lot of interesting useful information regarding the subject

The following article is one that discusses the need for affiliation in a psychological aspect of life. The article can be found by clicking on the following link… In this article the need for affiliation is discussed along with the need for achievement. The need for achievement goes hand in hand with the rest of the information found throughout this chapter. The need for achievement goes with the need for intimacy, the need to belong, and the need for affiliation. This article discussed how the need for affiliation could be very important for any individual, it can work as a guiding force in a person’s life numerous different ways. The need for achievement gives a sense of accomplishment, which is done a lot when you fulfill your need of affiliation, need of intimacy and need to belong as well. The article described the need for affiliation and how it drives a person to be with different kinds of people and have a bunch of different kinds of relationships. The need for affiliation along with the need for intimacy and need to belong gain a sense of satisfaction in their own way, which is huge in the need for achievement. The article describes the need for affiliation in detail and what those who are high on the need for affiliation seek out and what they like, and have a desire for. I believe this article is a very beneficial one for people to read. It points out a lot of great information and gives a better understanding of the need for affiliation as a whole.

In this chapter “Strangers, Friends, and Lovers: Why is life so complicated?” The need for affiliation, need for intimacy, and the need to belong are discussed in great detail. Along with the inevitability of relationships which in a way goes hand and hand with the three needs. This chapter is a very interesting one to focus on, everyone has a need for affiliation, intimacy, and to belong. Each person has a different level of each of those needs and that goes along with the characteristics of each person, there desires, wants, and what they are looking for.

The picture chosen for this chapter shows a little boy and little girl...

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