Intimate Partner Violence

Topics: Domestic violence, Child abuse, Abuse Pages: 3 (1122 words) Published: November 5, 2008
Intimate Partner Violence

Today’s society contains an overwhelming amount of people “stuck” in abusive relationships. Why don’t they just pack up and leave one might wonder? Is this because they want to believe that people can change? It is a very disturbing issue, when the person that you are in “Love” with is the person inflicting so much pain on you. An outsider looking in a on a relationship of this sort will question why women that are victims of Intimate Partner Violence simply do not leave their relationships? Women that are victims of abusive relationships don’t pack up and leave for many reasons. Some women are simply economically dependent of their man and lack job skills or have never even had a job before. These women rely solely on their partner and might not have anyone else to turn to in their time of desperate need. A fear of an even greater physical punishment to herself or maybe even to her children could keep a person from leaving an abusive relationship as well. The effect that a break-up has on children can also be extremely emotional and seems like a convincing reason for a loving mother to have for not leaving an abusive relationship. Although separation is the healthiest choice for their family as a whole women don’t leave for a number of emotional and psychological reasons as well. Women in an abusive relationship can tend to have a great fear of loneliness, which makes it very difficult for them to simply leave some one who they “love”, their insecurities might eat them alive. They could feel guilty about failure of marriage and might also have a fear over making challenging life changes. This is because they are insecure over potential independence and because they might lack emotional support that they need without some one by their side. Another emotional factor that many women share for why they don’t leave their abusive relationships is because they could be holding on to the idea that their partner can...

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