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Executive Summary
INTI University is a well-known education institution in Malaysia. It was established on 82 acres of land in Putra Nilai in 1998. In this report, we done some situation analyses which are general environment analysis, Porter’s Five Forces Analysis, description of key stakeholders and SWOT analysis based on stakeholders groups. Besides, we suggest three strategies to INTI University and we recommend two strategy with the implementation details to let INTI gain the comparative advantage. For the general environment analysis, we found out the external factor that will affect the INTI University such as technology, social cultural, physical environment, demographic, economic, political /legal segment and global segment. For the Porter’s Five Forces Analysis, we analyses the barriers to entry to education institution is medium because the brand identity, the threat of substitute product is high because there too many college and university around Malaysia, bargaining power of buyers is medium since brand recognition restrict the authority of consumers, bargaining power of suppliers is medium the reason that is private college with the financial and enrolment clout would have a strong bargaining power over distributor and intensity of rivalry among competitors is high because the competitor have a strong brand identity. Besides, we have found out the SWOT of three stakeholders. After that, we suggest three strategic which are low cost strategy, restructuring and focus strategy. All strategy we propose are consistent with the organization internal environment and the external environment and current environmental conditions. Lastly, we have recommended two strategies which are restructuring and focus quality of education. The way to implement the restructuring is to downscoping and downsizing strategy. Another that, to implement the focus quality of education is to improve the brand identity.

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction – Authorization, Objectives, Scope and Limitations of the Report4
1.1 Authorization4
1.2 Objectives4
1.3 Scope4
1.4 Limitation4
2.0 Background to the Organization5
3.0 Situation analysis7
3.1 General Environment Analysis7
3.1.1 Technology7
3.1.2 Social cultural7
3.1.3 Physical Environment7
3.1.4 Demographic8
3.1.5 Economic9
3.1.6 Political/Legal Segment9
3.1.7 Global Segment10
3.2 Industry conditions (Porter’s Five Forces Analysis)10
3.2.1 New Entrant10
3.2.2 Threat of substitute product11
3.2.3 Bargaining power of buyers11
3.2.4 Bargaining power of suppliers12
3.2.5 Intensity of Rivalry Among Competitors12
3.3 Description of key stakeholders12
3.3.1 Capital Stakeholder12
3.3.2 Product market stakeholders13
3.3.3 Organizational Stakeholder13
3.4 SWOT analysis based on stakeholders groups13
3.4.1 Product Market13
3.4.2 Organizational Market:15
3.4.3 Capital Market Stakeholder16
3.5 Summary of Situation Analysis19
4.0 Strategic Options for the Organization20
4.1 Low cost strategy20
4.2 Restructuring21
4.3 Focus Strategy22
4.4 Key selection criteria23
5.0 Recommendations24
5.1 Restructuring24
5.2 Focus in Quality of Education25
6.0 Conclusion27

1.0 Introduction – Authorization, Objectives, Scope and Limitations of the Report 1.1 Authorization
The report does not have any authorization because we never approach any person in management from INTI University. 1.2 Objectives
The objectives of the report are to analysis the strategy of INTI University and recommend the organization certain key strategic that can improve the competitive advantage. 1.3 Scope
The report’s scope is covering the INTI University of general environment, five industry conditions and three stakeholders’ SWOT analysis. The information of the report mostly is from search engine, newspaper article and INTI University students. 1.4 Limitation

The limitation of the report is...

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