Interviewing Large Families

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1). When dealing with this large family the first step I would go by is contacting the mother and setting up a perfect day and time that every family member would be available to attend this session. Then I would go about giving a small introduction of who I am and why I am here. After that I will explain to them the services and different procedures that will take place during the interview. After my introduction I will then allow each family member to speak about the problem. But, if they do not want to talk about the situation I would just allow them to share something about themselves and how they are feeling today. I would ask the mother what she thinks the problem is and what does she think about Ishaar actions. Next, we will come to an agreement on a contract stating the outcome and goals of what the family wants and signing to agree that they would be committed to our family sessions on making progress. I would also follow the hierarchical interviewing steps.

2). When working with immigrants first I have to make sure I understand their culture and to be completely open to learn and here from each family member. Once I understand I would ask how this problem can be a problem in their culture. And what are their beliefs to this problem; I would mainly direct these questions to the mother and the older brother of family to get a better understanding.

3). Knowing that this family is immigrants, in my first interview I will make sure to be completely non-judgmental and to not compare their culture and beliefs with others. It is most important to mainly just listen the best way to learn about a new culture. And making sure the family feels comfortable enough to be open with me. To make them feel comfortable I will imply some engagement skills, such as empathy, warmth, and showing that I genuinely care about their problems and goals. Showing that I am interested to be there is also important in order to make the family comfortable and to gain their trust....
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