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Note to the student: Below is a description of Kolb’s Model. Kolb’s model is the required format for writing experiential essays. Students must address four areas of Kolb’s Model with each of the required subtopics in order for the essay to be considered for college credit. Please read the description of each of the four sections below, along with the examples, and use that description to determine what to write for each subtopic. This page does not count toward the 5 to 7 or 10 to 15 page length requirement.

Kolb’s Model
Description of Concrete Experience
Concrete experience represents your personal participation with the people, places, activities, and events of an experience. You should describe your involvement relative to the experience, demonstrating the opportunity for learning. Example: My career in public relations started off as a staff assistant in the Public Information Office of a community college system. After two years of on-the-job training, I was promoted to the position of community relations officer.

Reflections represent your thinking and processing relative to the experience. You should demonstrate your learning by describing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes developed through the reflective process. Example: I have observed that some organizations are very good at garnering free publicity. They appear at local events and frequently appear as experts in television and newspaper interviews.

Generalizations / Principles / Theories
Generalizations, principles, and theories are constructs that organize and guide academic learning. A typical college course is built around several such generalizations, principles, and/or theories. In this stage, you identify and describe the generalizations, principles, and/or theories to demonstrate your learning outcomes. These learning outcomes result from analyzing and reflecting on your experience. The generalizations, principles, and/or theories should be comparable to those addressed in typical college courses and should match the course description selected. Example: Whether working with large or small one-owner organizations, it makes no difference in establishing rules, guidelines, or policies regarding image and public relations. Developing a detailed plan of action makes it much easier to schedule and implement appropriate applicable strategies.

Testing and Application
Testing and/or application represents situations in which the new learning can be used. You should describe how you did, or could in the future, test and/or apply what you learned. Example: A fun promotional idea that emerged as a by-product profit center for the bookstore was t-shirts. We printed t-shirts with the bookstore logo on the back with advertisements for the bookstore on the front.

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University of Phoenix®
Prior Learning Assessment

Essay Template

Sample Student

December 17, 2008

Individual Record Number (IRN):

Title of Essay: Interviewing

NOTE: Required essay length: 10-15 pages, using first person singular, and must be typed. Because of the protected format of this document, to spell check your work, you will need to compose your essay in a separate Word document, then paste into the appropriate areas here.

Subtopic 1: Pre-interview steps Description of Concrete Experience: My experience in interviewing began when I became

employed with Murtis H. Taylor Multi-Service Center (MSC) in 2002 as Director of Facilities and Safety Services. My duties included hiring qualified employees to fill vacated positions as well as newly created positions. In my three years of employment with MSC, the organization expanded rapidly throughout the Greater Cleveland area, creating a need to for me to hire many new employees in my department including...
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