Topics: Metacommunicative competence, Nonverbal communication, Interview Pages: 3 (931 words) Published: December 19, 2010
Behavioral Interviewing Techniques

Behavioral interviewing is defined as an application of communication theory and the study of patterns of behavior to guide in the interview process. It is believed that human communication is affected by learning which affects the behavioral indicators that can be observed and interpreted. Some of those behavior indicators are nonverbal posturing, sensory verbal communication, and eye movement. Although there are no step by step methods to use when it comes to behavioral interviewing all these tools should be used along with any other form of interviewing and are not a stand alone method. When looking at behavioral interviewing it is very important that you not only listen to what is said during the interview, but also how it is said. For example if the interviewee has an emotional outburst and inflections of the voice this may give you a clue to a sensitive area during the interview. If someone has sudden silence, uncertainty or confusion, or does a shifting of conversation to an unrelated subject this may indicate that information they have is being withheld. Another sign that the interviewer may have reached a sensitive area with the interviewee is if they have nervous bodily reactions or facial characteristics. As a result of this the interviewer will know that some portions of the statement may require further probing or clarification.

The scientific study of gestures and other body movements is known as kinesics. This is a form of nonverbal communication which we as call body language. The three categories of learners are visual, auditory and physical. When it comes to nonverbal communication men appear to use different nonverbal communication differently when speaking to men then they do woman. Also age differences also play an impact when it comes to the style of communication. Since there are so many different variances because of people’s personal characteristics for example ethnicity, gender as well...
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