Interview with a Classmate

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Christin McClure

Christin may just be another student, another fifteen year old, but if you take a second look you might see the part of her that’s way beyond your expectations. There are a lot of things that make her who she is today and as much as some might try she’s not changing for anyone. Christin is the type of girl that makes me not want to believe that everyone is unique because her individuality is that one of a kind. She’s really bold and outgoing and she’ll talk to anyone. She’s open to making new friendships, but she’s very faithful to her old friends. She’s a girl with vengeance, so be careful if you get on her bad side, but once you are considered her friend, she makes it a lot easier to take advantage of her; even though she doesn’t deserve that. She’s blunt with her honesty and there is no way she’s going to waste any time hinting at things. She’ll just come out and say it. She can be a little random sometimes, when she bursts out with what she’s thinking but she’s got sarcasm down to an exact science. She’ll always be able to make people laugh, no matter how down they are. Christin is a bit of a bad girl, with her antiauthority attitude and her will to push her limits. There’s no stopping her once she’s set to do something. She’s more the type to invent her own rules. She’s very independent and when it comes to it she can fend for herself. Christin can be a tomboy at times, so don’t think she can’t beat you in a mud fight. Plus She is not high maintenance or self centered whatsoever. She’s ruled by her wild side. She can be a risk-taker and very spontaneous. She’s a night owl most of the time, plus she’s always up for a party. However, she can keep herself contained if the need strikes. She’s up for challenging situations and can handle a lot before she ever comes close to cracking under pressure. She may be crazy and fun, but she’s been through way more than most people could handle alone. She’s been down roads that only some come back...
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