Interview with an Older Adult

Topics: Trigraph, Penicillin, Gh Pages: 4 (807 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Virginia Western Community College
Practical Nursing Program
Spring 2013
NUR 135-PN Drug Dosage Calculation
Review of Problem Areas

Reconstitution of Non-injectable Solutions

Prepare the following nutritional solutions for the designated time period.

1. Order: 1/2 strength Isomil 6 oz. p.o. q4h for 24 hours. How much formula and water will you use to prepare a 24-hour supply of feeding?

2. Order: 1/2 strength Ensure 8 oz via nasogastric tube to be given over 8 hrs. How much formula and water will you use to prepare this feeding?

3. Order:1/4 strength Jevity 300 mL via G-tube q6h. How much formula and water is needed to prepare enough feeding for your 8-hour shift?

4. Order: 400 mL of 1/4 strength Ensure over 6 hours via nasogastric tube. Supply: Ensure 240 mL cans. How much formula and water is needed to prepare this feeding?

5. Order: Irrigate wound with 50 mL of 1/2 strength hydrogen peroxide and normal saline q4h while awake. How much hydrogen peroxide and NS will you use to prepare this solution for each treatment?

6. Order: 1/2 strength Ensure 16 ounces by gastrostomy tube over 4 hrs. Add ________mL of Ensure and ______mL of water to make the desired solution.

7. Order: 3/4 strength Sustacal 400 mL p.o. q.i.d.
Add _________mL of Sustacal and ______mL of water to make the desired solution.

IV Calculations

1. Order: 500 mL NS IV to infuse @ 250 mL/hr. The IV tubing has a drop factor of 10 gtt/mL. You do not have an IV pump available. Calculate the drops per min you would set this IV to run.

2. Order: 1 L of O.9% NaCl IV to infuse over 6 hours. You will use a microdrop set to administer the IV fluid. What is the flow rate in gtts/min?

3. Order: 1000 mL 0.45% NaCl to infuse over 12 hours. At what flow rate will you set the infusion pump?

4. Order: Kefzol 1.5 g IV PB...
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