interview to a psychoterapist

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Purpose: After this interview, I am going to have more information about my career of interest and it will help me with answering all the questions I have about it. Thesis: Psychology is the best career for me to change the world by working on what I love. Opening:

Greeting and self- introduction
Explain the reasons of the interview
Explain what information is needed and how it will be used
Ask for permission to record the interview and/or take pictures. Transition: Let me start by asking a few questions about your decision on this career and your education Body
Professional background/ Education
Can you tell me about yourself? OPEN
What’s your professional discipline? What kind of degrees do you have? CLOSE Why did you choose Psychology as your professional career? OPEN In your own words, how can you describe the job of a psychotherapist? OPEN What’s the difference between psychodrama and psychoanalysis? CLOSED Where did you initiated and finished your education? CLOSED

How many years did it take you to finish the career? CLOSED
Transition: Now, if you let me, I would like to know a little bit more of your professional life on daily basis Daily Routine
Describe your professional daily routine OPEN
How many years have you been seeing patients? CLOSED
Does your work on therapy tend to be focused on the past or the present of your patients? CLOSED How do you give professional help to your patients when you are out of the country? CLOSED How has been your experience on the field? OPEN

How do you balance your work and your personal life? OPEN
Transition: Just a couple more questions to end the interview.. Others
If a student is interested in becoming a psychotherapist, what would your response be? OPEN Do you want to add any other comments that you consider helpful? OPEN Closing
Review and clarify the results of the interview
Talk about my expectations as a future psychologist
Establish future actions
I would love to hopefully see you...
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