Interview Techniques Lesson Plan

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Course Title First Steps into Employment Main tutor Venue Session Number5 Interview TechniquesDate 25.06.14Time 9.30 to 2.30 Aim(s) of the Programme First Steps into Employment is a four week course aimed at building confidence and ability in learners. The course is aimed at learners who are not in employment, potentially for a long period of time. Aim(s) of the Session To develop knowledge of interview preparation To know what to expect during an interview situation Learning Outcomes (Objectives) for the Session (have these visible throughout session) Learners will be able to identify ways in which they can prepare effectively for an interview Learners recognise the different types of interview format they may experience and key features of different types Learners recognise why nerves can be an issue in interviews and ways in which they may be able to control them Learners identify types of questions they may be asked in interview Learners can consider which interview traits may be most important to employers Learner can state the benefits of positive body language in an interview situation Learners recognise how to gain feedback after an interview and how to use this feedback constructively Health Safety (List any potential Health Safety Risks in the session and what actions will be taken to minimise risk) Trailing wires from electrical equipment all wires will be secured Obstruction in walkways all bags will be placed out of the way to prevent tripping Evacuation procedure I will evidence the evacuation procedure and assembly point at the beginning of the session Opportunities to embed Equality and Diversity will be maximised as they arise throughout the course TimeTopicLearner ActivityTutor ActivityResourcesLearning Outcomes (Objectives)Method of assessment / evaluationHow is assessment recordedEmbedding Functional Skills and e-learning10 minsIntroduction of aim and objectives of sessionListen and questionIntroducing topic of...
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