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As a prerequisite to writing my Individual paper for Orientation to Exceptional Child class, I interviewed Latoya Pearson, who is a Special Education teacher at Homewood High School here in Homewood, Alabama. Mrs. Pearson attended The University of Alabama where she majored in Psychology and minored in Biology. Mrs. Pearson began working at Homewood High School in 2006 with an emergency teacher’s certification in Special Education. Mrs. Pearson later received a Master's in Special Education in 2008 from The University of Montevallo.

Mrs. Pearson started the interview by asking what field of education I was pursuing and why I chose this field. I explained to Mrs. Pearson that I am pursuing a Master’s in Special Education from The University of Phoenix. I told Mrs. Pearson that I chose this field because I wanted to pursue a career where I would have the largest impact on someone's life. I also mentioned that I have always been aware of kids being mislabeled and placed into special education classes who may not necessary need the service. I know that I have the patience and creativity to not only help special needs kids but to help identify those who are being displaced into special education as well. I further explained the purpose of this interview is to understand the responsibilities of teachers and support staff, classroom management techniques, and how the environment impacts students at her school.

Firstly, I asked Mrs. Pearson asked about the responsibilities of teachers and support staff at her school for the special education program. Mrs. Pearson stated that her school used inclusion model to integrate special needs kids with general education kids. Mrs. Pearson works with a total of three teachers throughout her school day. One teacher and Mrs. Pearson use both Team Teach and One Teach, One Drift. Mrs. Pearson and the general education teacher share the teaching responsibilities and also provide specialized, differentiated lessons for students with special needs. These co-teaching were done to present material in different ways so that special needs students would have access to the same learning requirements as other students in the classroom. During One Teach, One Drift one of the teachers is walking around redirecting that student who struggles in certain areas. At the beginning of the school year, Mrs. Pearson and the General Education teacher discuss each other’s teaching styles and philosophies. They work together throughout the school year to build rapport to get to know each other on a more personal level. Rapport Building will help establish an effective conflict resolution plan. Mrs. Pearson serves as a resource for the other two teachers. In these classrooms, Alternative teaching is being used. She will pull aside kids that need extra assistance whether it's a special needs student or a general education student and provide them the support they need to complete their assignments. IEP team consist of the Special Education Teacher, General Education Teacher, Case Manager, Parents. Administration, LEA. Mrs. Pearson stated that she had to beg the General Education teacher to attend the IEP meeting. Very few wants to attend, and the ones who does attend most of them do not offer much help in the meeting. Mrs. Pearson also said that most parents do not attend the IEP for several reasons. There are some instances where parents do not have transportation, so a conference call is scheduled. Unfortunately when they make the call parents do not answer the phone. Lack of support can be very frustrating because parent feedback is important to help implement an IEP that helps the students succeed in general education classrooms. Mrs. Pearson said that she was given three Professional Development days a year to attend training. General Education teacher also has the opportunity to attend training. However, only 30% of the teacher choose to attend. General Education teacher expects the Special Education teacher...
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