Interview Skills

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Interview Skills
Briefly explain how you would go about assessing this client’s developmental and mental health status. A.
In a counselling session with Tim I would allow him to talk in as much detail as he liked about his situation. There would be certain questions I would want to ask him regarding his developmental and mental health. I would make sure I was relaxed and natural in order to make him feel comfortable, and not feel as though I was pressuring him for answers. I would use mainly open questions to do this and also maybe some closed questions. I’d paraphrase back to Tim to make sure I had everything exactly right, reflect some of his feelings and summarise when necessary. I’d also ask him questions about his time in hospital, his drug overdose, any drug usage now, any family mental illness and find out as much as possible about his depression and state of mind now. Q2.

Describe what factors you would take into account that may have impacted on the appearance and behaviour of the client in relation to counselling services to be delivered. A.
When counselling Tim I would observe his physical appearance. The reason for this is that you can tell a lot about a person by the way they hold themselves. Examples would be his body language, how he presents himself, the way he dresses, if he’s lifeless and depressed, if he’s hunched over with bad posture, looking down at the ground, no eye contact, is he detached and lacking self-esteem, his personal hygiene, the way he speaks, his facial expressions and does he lack motivation and direction. These are all the thing I’d take into account regarding his appearance and behaviour. My area of counselling which is life skills counselling might not be enough for Tim. He’s had and still has some serious, complex problems. Taking a drug overdose when he was in college is a very serious matter and indicates that Tim is a very unhappy person, with some mental health issues. He spent six months in a mental...
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