Interview Questions and Answers

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Interview Questions
Standard Questions
1.How are you qualified for this position?
I believe that I am qualified for this position because of my knowledge and skills within the networking and database fields. I have developed these skills through previous work experiences and also by completing my bachelor’s degree program in Network Communications Management.

2.What are your strengths?
I have many strengths and skills that I have acquired through life experiences, job history, and from school. I think the major strengths that I have acquired are loyalty, dedicated work ethic, and patience.

3.What are your weaknesses?
The current weakness or challenges I face in a work environment is my kindness. Sometimes people can take advantage of a person who is too kind, which can be difficult in a work environment. I am working on resolving this problem by identifying those who are trying to take advantage of me and resolving the issue by confronting them.

4.What are your short-term goals?
The most important short-term goal right now is to establish a great work environment where I received employment. I also want to be sure I am exceeding expectations in order to receive great responsibility and growth within the company.

5.What are your long-term goals?
My long term goal is to continue to expand my knowledge in the database and networking fields. I would like to be at a place where I am able to manage and train other coworkers in order to help grow my company.

6.What can you contribute to this company?
I can contribute all of the skills I have learned in my previous database and networking environments. Also, I will be sure that my work, projects, and assignments are all done professionally and in a timely matter.

7.Why are you interested in working for our firm?
I am interested in growing my experiences and knowledge in the database and networking fields. I feel that this company will help nourish my skills and keep myself actively...
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