Interview Question and Answer for Cameron

Topics: Problem solving, Knowledge, Full-time Pages: 4 (991 words) Published: February 16, 2013
1) Question:

Do you prefer office based job vs. field/outdoor based job (please

choose one option and explain why)? Answer: I would prefer office based job because an office provide a more

conducive environment for me to manage and tackle the analytical works that I enjoy dealing with. By working at in an office, I can gain easy access to design handbooks, standard design codes, simulation software and past consultation or technical reports for references, saving me more time to solve problems relevant to analytical works like determination and justification of process parameters promptly and effectively whenever I receive project requests from clients.

Dealing with data analysis can be time consuming and one need to concentrative to perform proper analytical and logical interpretation and an office provides the ideal place that allows me to work consistently and concentratedly over lengthy period if necessary to handle data analysis since I have more control over my working hours and need not travel to visit sites constantly for instance.

Nevertheless, I would gladly accept temporary field based job (offshore based) as requested by the company occasionally to assist our clients to resolve valve related challenges for example. It is my duty to help the company to serve its clients to the best of my ability even though necessary sacrifice needs to be made.

2) Question:










choose one option and explain why)? Answer: I would favour paper based work because I enjoy dealing with

theoretical works involving designs and process simulations. By doing paper work in designing, I can make use of the theoretical knowledge and technical skills that I acquired in process equipment design in Process and Plant Design to aid me in designing valves according to clients’ specifications for example. It would be an added advantage for me to involve my myself in paper works since I can learn...
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