Interview: Police and Law Enforcement

Topics: Police, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Constable Pages: 5 (1951 words) Published: May 27, 2010
Kristin Davis

Terry Walker-Instructor

8 Skills/Final Essay

Interview Project Proposal

Jody Kramer

Supervisory Special Agent of the Behavioral Analysis Unit

Federal Bureau of Investigation

My final essay was going to be an interview with Deputy Sheriff Deborah Dailey of the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office. Unfortunately, Ms. Dailey was unavailable for the scheduled interview date due to personal reasons. Not knowing where to turn because I did not confirm with my backup, I was talking with a co-worker who disclosed that her brother worked for the FBI. With me knowing this is where I plan to head I quickly grabbed this opportunity and arranged a call with my co-workers brother in order to submit my final essay.

I received a call from Special Agent Kramer on May 16, 2010. When I answered he introduced himself and explained, “ Some of my questions I know I won’t be able to answer, but I will be glad to precede with the interview.” I in turn explained that this was more of an interview about his career rather than cases he has worked. With that said, I began the interview via telephone.

I started by asking him what steered him to choose to work in the Criminal Justice area. Mr. Kramer explained, in detail, that as he was growing up a majority of his family worked as Police Officers, Investigators, Firefighters, and so on. They were a family that was closely connected with Criminal Justice. So he always knew that he would at the very least be a police officer, which was his dream. He also stated that the main reason he chose to be a police officer was his father. He went on explaining that his father worked as a police officer in Pennsylvania for over 35 years. Growing up he admired his father’s work with the police department. He said, “ My dad worked a lot in the community and I saw it bring him so much joy.” He explained that not only did he serve the community but also he always put together charity events and helped other people. He stated that he himself was always a big people pleaser so it would make him even happier to do as much as his father did. He also admired his father’s views on right and wrong. He said he believes what his father always said, “Right is right and wrong can be made right!” He finished with his father’s views of justice stating that his father loved to see justice prevail, but took it to heart when justice didn’t right a wrong.

To proceed, my next question touched on any other interests besides working in the Criminal Justice field. Mr. Kramer laughed and continued on stating that he did desire to be a professional baseball player. When I asked why this was funny to him he laughed even harder saying, “ At that point in my senior year I had played baseball three times!” He stated that he was just a fan of the game and he never was any good at it. So I proceed with the next question.

We continued on with me asking what type of education he sought in order to assist him in becoming a member of law enforcement. He stated that throughout his high school years he participated in a lot of Sheriff’s Office sponsored programs an that he had a great time in doing so. Upon receiving his High School Diploma, he pursued an Associate’s Degree at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. After receiving his Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. He then pursued a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology but did not get to complete due to the fact that he received a job offer with the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office. All together he completed 9 years of school to obtain his degrees.

This prompted me to ask about the process in working in the law enforcement field. I explained that I was asking about the application process, training process, test, etc. He stated that he had to take a 16-week course for his training at the Academy in VA. I asked what the qualifications were to join the academy. He...
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