Interview: Pharmacist

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Interview LeeAnne Beauvais Retail Pharmacist
Paige R Smith

Leeann Beauvais is the youngest and newest PhD pharmacist in our pharmacy, it is for this reason I choose to interview her. She is responsible for checking medications for drug interactions, correct data entry, counseling patients, maintaining a correct narcotic inventory, interacting with doctors’ offices on behalf of patients to obtain new prescriptions or for medication therapy management. Some of her interpersonal job duties include the management of technicians, and delegate work load within the pharmacy environment when needed due to increased need in an area, and most importantly how to balance an regulate the corporate aspects and responsibilities of her positions while maintaining the integrity of the customers health care needs. The facility in we work in is a chain corporate retail pharmacy with front store attached. Our pharmacy currently services a growing community and fills approximately three thousand eight hundred prescriptions a week. This includes pharmacist counseling patients, compounding medications, and vaccinations. Our technicians other responsibilities include filling prescriptions, maintenance of a script pro machine holding one hundred of our fasting moving drugs, billing of insurance companies, insurance over rides for lost prescriptions, mail order over rides, vacation supply over rides. Our pharmacy operates with three pharmacists on a rotating schedule, where two pharmacist work ten hour days in the pharmacy overlapping each other. In the state of Massachusetts a pharmacist can work with a ratio of two nationally certified and tow non-certified technicians under their license; or one nationally certified technician and one intern and two state level technicians. Counseling occurs mostly on new prescriptions and over the counter medications. Customers are concerned about when to take medications, how to take the medications; for example with or without food to buffer against stomach upset. When counseling is being sought for over the counter medications, the pharmacist must ask what the most prominent symptoms are and what other medications the patient may be on before making a recommendation. According to the interview with Leeann the most important attributes for success as a retail pharmacist when giving advice to customers in regards to over the counter medications are the following. If you are questioning yourself in regards to an answer about a medication do not be afraid to let the patient know you need to reference the answer before giving it; you cannot remember everything. Also, there may not be a recommendation for every patient based upon symptoms and age. If you feel that there is no appropriate medicine that will assist the patient do not feel pressured into providing the patient with an answer simply tell them there is nothing that can help them with their particular issue. Customer base in a retail setting are local community members and people visiting needing to fill medications. The pharmacy receives prescriptions through several different methods. We receive prescriptions hard copies brought in directly from patients, via electronic software, faxes, voice mails, and telephone calls directly from providers. We acquire patients from other retails pharmacies in the area and even other sister stores with our chain. The majority of our patients fill maintenance prescriptions either monthly or every ninety days; which is a growing trend in pharmacy care. Other types of prescriptions filled include emergency room prescriptions for acute conditions and hospice prescriptions. Prescriptions in a pharmacy are classified into three different categories for filing purposes. They are class six which are drugs that are class six drugs, non-controlled substances. Controlled Substances which are for drugs classified CIII-CV. Finally, narcotics or prescriptions which are medications...

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