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Entrepreneur Interview

To learn more about the entrepreneurial, experience, interview a successful entrepreneur as a group, in person. The person you interview should have a minimum of one year entrepreneurial experience. You will report your finding in an oral presentation to the class. Your assignment will include (1) 5-10 minute oral report in class, (2) 1 page self-assessment of what you personally go out of the interview. Be sure to rate yourself on what points you deserve in your paper. You will get 0 points if you do not attend the interview. Be sure that your oral presentation has a WOW FACTOR that might include: a short video clip of the business along with a PowerPoint, highlighting the main points you gained from the interview. A panel, with each team member highlighting key points. Think outside the box and make it fun and informative. Bring in examples of the product or demonstrate the service, make your presentation come alive!!! Don’t let the video clip drive your entire presentation. If you do use a video, make sure it is professionally done with supporting music and key points shown in the clip. This assignment is worth 75 points, so make it count!!!

The following are some questions you may use for your interview. Feel free to add to or delete from this list or to prepare another list with questions of your own. Your goal in this exercise is to get firsthand information about the entrepreneurial experience to help you determine whether entrepreneurship might be a career path for you.

1. Entrepreneurs begin with visions, or overall ideas for their businesses, and then they passionately pursue those visions. Describe the vision you had for your organization.

2. Did you start a business with your own idea, buy an established business, or buy a franchise? If you started a business based on your own idea, answer this question: In selecting your business idea, were you able to find something you love to do and are good at...
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