Interview Of An Entrepreneur Hamilton

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Interview of an Entrepreneur

Marks: 50 – see Mark Rubric
Due: May 15, 2013

The Assignment
The activities in this assignment are focused on you arranging and carrying out an interview of an entrepreneur from your community. This entrepreneur could represent a non-profit enterprise or a commercial one, and could be in manufacturing, retailing, or service industries. You should schedule completion of the various phases of the assignment over a two-week period. The Requirements:

(1) Interview a local….an entrepreneur….approximately 25 questions and you can do it in person, phone, email, etc. You can ask them what they prefer. Be careful doing it through email, as it can take longer for you to get your answers back from them.

(2) Write a 500-700 word report based on the interview. Focus on the most relevant and interesting information from the interview. Do not try to get every piece of information from the interview on paper. The report should stress the interesting facts, not the mundane. NOTE: Follow the RUBRIC as a guide too. (3) Write a thank-you letter and send it to the Entrepreneur that you interviewed. You can thank them for taking time out of their busy schedule to help you out with an assignment. You could elaborate on how many things you have learned from the interview (required time, money, everyday tasks, risks, business, etc.).

*(4) In addition, this report must be presented orally to the class in a 3-minute presentation. The Assignment Checklist should be signed off at least twice by the teacher during the period of time between the start and submission of this assignment (to keep you on track). The checklist must also be handed in with the report. * OR - Invite the entrepreneur to speak to the class for 15 –20 minutes. This option is limited to 4 or 5 students on a first come first serve basis due to time constraints. The date of the speaker's visit must be approved by the teacher.

Suggested time:
Thank you note:
Proof, layout and corrections:

20-40 minutes
10 minutes
2-3 hours
30 minutes

__________________________________________________________________________________ Selecting an Interviewee
To identify and select an entrepreneur to interview, you could draw from one of the following possible sources:
1. Relatives, friends, or acquaintances might be able to recommend someone they know whom they consider to be an entrepreneur.
2. Most communities have business development agencies that deal with entrepreneurs on a regular basis. Perhaps you could write a letter, explaining what you require, and ask that a list of potential interviewees be supplied.

3. Local newspapers are another possible source. Perhaps one student could be assigned to approach the newspaper person who handles the business news and ask about potential interviewees. Television and radio media members might also be able to help.

The Process
Step 1: Contact person selected and make an appointment. Be sure to explain why you want the appointment and to give a realistic estimate of how much time you will need. Step 2: Identify specific questions (approximately 20-25 questions) you would like to have answered and the general areas about which you would like information. Using a combination of open-ended questions, such as general questions about how the entrepreneur got started, what happened next, and so forth, and closedended questions, such as specific questions about what his or her goals were, if he or she had to find partners, and so forth, will help to keep the interview focussed and yet allow for unexpected comments and insights. Step 3: Conduct the interview. If both you and the person you are interviewing are comfortable, using a small tape recorder during the interview can be of great help to you later. Remember, too, that you most likely will learn more if you are an "interested listener."

Step 4: Evaluate what you have learned. Write down the...
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