Interview: Military and Best Oral Communication

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Interview Questions
Group A: Standard Questions (Choose 7 questions from this group, from p. 121). 1. What are your weaknesses?
At one point of my life being organized was my weakest point, but I was able to assess the situation and implemented a time management system that has improved my organization skills. 2. What are your strengths?

When I start something I always managed to complete the objective. Part of it is due to my commitment and dedication. I am also a very determine individual since giving up is not option; especially when I know I am in control of the situation. 3. Why should we hire you?

I am an overachiever and that is not something that cannot be taught. I am also very reliable, trustworthy, self-motivated, hard worker, and capable of learning quickly; these are traits that are hard to find nowadays. Lastly, I am not seeing this position as just another “job”, but as a good way to start and develop my career. 4. Why are you interested in working for our firm?

I am interested in working for your firm because it offers me an opportunity for advancing my career. I also believe this company will give me an opportunity to learn new skills and gradually improve my own ones. 5. Why are you applying for this position?

This position fits me well because I like to be challenged and accept new responsibilities. During my military career, I redefined my leadership skills and I am ready to apply it your firm. 6. What can contribute to this company?

I considered myself a hardworking person and I am sure people who know will say the same. I work well under pressure and stay committed until I get the task done. I am about to obtain my B.A. degree where I can apply the knowledge I learned throughout my education to your firm. 7. Tell me something about yourself.

I attend DeVry where I am majoring in Technical Management. Recently, I received an honorable discharged for...
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